Students of the Ceramics Department, Truda Herzfeldová and Dagmar Procházková-Kubíková (Dagmar Rosůlková) at the School of Arts and Crafts in Bratislava (reproduction)


The photography comes from Dagmar Rosůlková’s legacy; it is archived in the visual archive of the Slovak National Gallery. The author of the photography is unknown, but it is probably a school photography exercise focused on the School’s promotion. We consider Dagmar Rosůlková (1909 - 1998) as the founding personality of the Slovak Modern Ceramics. After the Second World War, she concentrated on developing ceramics not only in its utility form but also in sculpture positions; Rosůlková's target was to “de-folklorise” ceramics. Truda Herzfeldová belonged, according to Júlie Horová’s memories, to exceptionally talented students whose poor financial situation, however, prevented her from continuing with a university education or establishing her own studio; in the era, there were also almost no ways how to find employment for a ceramics artists in the ceramics industrial production. Further information on this talented graduate is unknown.