Imrfried Liebscher

1901   -  1973

Imrfried Liebscher (1901 Most, Čechy – 1973 Kröpelin, Germany) was a graduate of the Ceramics School in Teplice Šanov. Before arriving at Modra, he had extensive experience from several Czech and German brick factories and ceramic workshops. Liebscher was active in Modra from 1925 until the end of the Second World War as a state teacher of technology and the head of a ceramics workshop. In the Ceramics Department of the School during the years 1932 - 1939, he taught Ceramics Technology, after the War, he was expelled to Germany. Josef Vydra critically evaluated Liebscher’s artistic influence in Modra: “… as a graduate of the German Technical School in Teplice Šanov, Liebscher was actually just a technical force in Modra, but he always art-amateur and wanted to find application as an artist, but he as not qualified for that. He often arbitrarily reworked or did not accept designs of other artists. His activity in Modra alienated many artists from cooperation; however, he was a well-thinking, and as a Head Artist in Modra, he was supposed to get more artists for cooperation.” (Josef Vydra: Úloha výtvarníka vo vývoji Modry. In: Ľudová výroba. Obežník, Center for Folk Art Production, Bratislava, no. 2, 14/09/1935, pg. 7)