František Malý

1900   -  1980

František Malý (1900 - 1980) studied at the Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design in Prague at the professors J. Beneš and F. Kysela. As a young graduate, he started working at the position of the head of Textile Workshops at the Society of Art Industry in Bratislava (1921 - 1925), later he was a leading personality in Detva (1926 - 1933). In 1935 he attended a study programme in Paris. Malý started his activity at the School of Arts and Crafts in 1929, first externally and then as a pedagogue and the Head of the Textile and Fashion Department. He was active there until 1938 when Czech teachers had to leave the School. He moved to Brno where he began teaching at the local School of Arts and Crafts. With his works, he reached not only the medium of painting, applied art and design, but he also worked in the theatre scenography field. He was long active in the Association of Czechoslovak Artists, and after the War, he was, as an expert, cooperating in textile and ideas with several key institutions (e.g. Textilná tvorba).