Martin Tvrdoň

1914   -  1996
Škola umeleckých remesiel

Martin Tvrdoň arrived at the School as already trained decorator employed in the popular Bratislava department store — Pavúk (later in the companies Rolný and Nehera). He started in the Painting Department of Ľudovít Fulla and continued in the Window-Dressing Department at F. Reichentál; alongside, he attended Fulla’s course on Figurative Drawing and Graphics at M. Galanda. He found an application of the acquired experiences at the School in the second half of the thirties also in the field of exhibition and fair design; as an external instructor of the Window-Dressing Course, he taught (alike M. Galanda) at the Institute of Aggrandising Crafts (Ústav pre zveľaďovanie živností) in Martin. He pursued arranging until the late ‘40s of the 20th century, then the domain of his work became chamber painting. With his personal archive, we have the rare opportunity to look into not just window-dressing work at the School but also watch the promisingly developing decorative segment in the authentic setting of Bratislava shop windows, too.