František Tröster

1904   -  1968
Škola umeleckých remesiel

The Czech architect and one of the founders of modern Czech scenography, František Tröster, during his four-year stay in Bratislava intensively pursued not only pedagogic activity at the School, but he also worked on scenography for the Slovak National Theatre. That is where Tröster, in tandem with the director Viktor Šulc, became an enthusiast of the radical, modern, exploratory understanding of theatre space. The production of Čapek’s White Disease (Biela nemoc) in Bratislava was one of his last, he progressively made use of film production capabilities and hyperbolised aesthetics of cold, even stern modernism. As the programme leaflet states, decorations for the play were made by the School of Arts and Crafts in Bratislava; and Tröster’s pupils could, it seems, take a look into the scenographic affairs in the SNT when visiting his realisations several times.