Ladislav Kožehuba

1906   -  1957

There is only partial information on Kožehuba’s career in photography. He initially pursued photography as an amateur in the ‘20s, and at the beginning of thirties, he probably worked as an advertising photographer for the Baťa company in Zlín. He arrived in Bratislava because of the teaching position at the School. During his activity at the School, Kožehuba started to pursue portrait photography, and after the School’s closure, he led a successful photography studio in Bratislava. The sources on his instruction at the School are poor; however, it is evident that he followed on in Funke’s curriculum. Since there are almost no photographs preserved which he made at the School, an undated, unsigned series of still lives and objects is remarkable; it is now located in the author’s legacy. These images distinctively remind the works of the Photography Department, and it is probable that they were created as a part of instruction.