Juraj Szántó

1908   -  1982
Škola umeleckých remesiel

The ceramist Juraj Szántó (1908 Humenné – 1982 Prešov) in the years 1928 - 31 during his law-studies in Bratislava also pursued studying ceramics and sculpture in Štajerský Hradec in Austria, later, in the years 1933 – 1936 at the School’s Ceramics Department. His self-portrait is a classic example of a modern portrait centred on a simple firm shape, basic characteristic features resembling a face in a mask in which there are trifling influences of extra-European and ancient sculpture. He belongs to the fewer-in-number students of the School who pursued ceramics further also in the post-war period. He was active in the East Slovakia where he has several monumental ceramic works.