The Central-European advertising agency — Redopa — was established in the thirties and we consider it a predecessor of today’s advertising agencies in Slovakia. Antonín Hořejš was its Executive Director — an erudite aesthete with a professional interest in music and visual art. After leaving the School, he mostly pursued music and business activity. As a successful businessman, the ran Redopa until his expulsion from Slovakia in 1938. Hořejš was active also as a member of the executive boards of Sandrik Dolné Hámre and Ceramics Modra. He worried about the conflict between leftist opinions and business less than his colleague Rossmann. He expressed his leftist tendencies in, for example, Redopa’s advertisement where he describes what his advertising agency promotes:

1. things and materials important for people

2. energies and ideas with the capacity to live-up the world

3. places and localities which bring joy to life

4. people who want to do good to humanity

5. factories and institutions striving for the well-being of the majority

Hořejš’s colleague from the School, Zdeněk Rossmann, was the Chief Graphic Designer in Redopa. Whether he was also in the records of the Communist Party, we do not know, but there is no doubt he was a leftist intellectual. In 1927 he wrote that “from the standpoint of communist society, art is a crime on the poor”. Among the young cooperators of Redopa also belonged Ladislav Csáder who was its employee for 2 years, then Vladimír Bahna and Juraj Stanko.

Ľubomír Longauer